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questions to ask an influencer

In today’s crowded digital world, standing out and gaining new customers isn’t easy. That’s where social media influencers come in – they’ve already built loyal followings who pay attention to what they recommend. 

Partnering with the right influencer can help you reach those engaged audiences. But how do you know which influencer is truly the best fit for your brand? Before signing the agreement, asking them some important questions is crucial. Their answers will reveal if they understand your target market and can authentically represent your business. 

In this blog, we will explore five key questions to ask an influencer before moving forward with a campaign. Their responses will help you identify red flags early on and find influencers most likely to expand your reach in a meaningful way.

Are you ready to know what those five questions are? Keep reading to learn more!

3 Main Goals Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become an indispensable strategy for brands seeking to thrive in the digital age. Three primary goals make working with influencers an essential component of modern marketing. They are:

  • Brand Awareness

Influencers have a special skill to magnify your brand’s visibility among their committed and engaged followers. You can quickly boost brand awareness by partnering with influencers whose audience matches your target demographic. 

Influencers can introduce your products or services to a large and receptive audience, often more efficiently than traditional advertising channels.

  • Follower Engagement

Influencer marketing goes beyond just exposure and helps to create meaningful engagement. Influencers have already established trust and connection with their followers. 

When they endorse your brand, their audience is more likely to engage with your content, ask questions, and show genuine interest. This engagement helps build a loyal community and provides valuable feedback and insights.

  • Driving Sales

Finally, the main objective of marketing is to increase sales. Influencer marketing can help achieve this goal by utilising the credibility of influencers. 

When influencers genuinely recommend a product or service, their followers are more likely to purchase it, resulting in measurable return on investment (ROI) and increased revenue.

Working with influencers is instrumental in achieving these three key goals: expanding brand awareness, fostering follower engagement, and ultimately driving sales, making it a pivotal marketing strategy for modern businesses worldwide. 

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How Do You Find A Relevant Influencer For Your Campaign?

Finding influencers that are a good match for your brand and goals takes some legwork. But with the below tips, you can get started on a successful quest!

  • Start by defining who your target audience is in terms of demographics, interests, and where they spend time online. 
  • Look for influencers with engaged followings that align with your audience profile. 
  • Check their content and captions – it should reflect your industry and messaging. You can search by hashtags or location on Instagram to discover influencers in your niche. 
  • You can also use tools that allow you to search based on engagement metrics. 
  • Once you have some potential influencers in mind, evaluate their reach and engagement rates on recent posts. 
  • Follow accounts that seem promising and note who your target audience already interacts with organically. 
  • You can also search directories or work with an influencer marketing agency like BuzzFame to help identify suitable partners. 

Taking the time to handpick relevant influencers sets your campaign up for success by tapping influencers your audience already knows and trusts.

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Top 5 Questions To Ask An Influencer 

When considering collaborating with an influencer for your brand or campaign, asking the right questions is essential to ensure a successful partnership. 

Here are the top five questions you should ask an influencer before you work with them:

1. Have You Ever Created Content In The Same Niche As Us?

Knowing whether the influencer has relevant experience in your niche is extremely important. This question will help you evaluate their expertise and determine if their audience is similar to your target market. 

If they have worked within your niche previously, they might better understand your brand and audience, which can result in more effective collaborations.

2. How Do You Disclose Sponsored Posts?

Transparency is key in influencer marketing. Asking this question ensures that the influencer complies with advertising regulations. They should disclose when a post is sponsored or contains affiliate links. Proper disclosure maintains trust with the audience and protects your brand from potential legal issues.

You can ask them how they will disclose such ads and see if they align with your expectations and values. Some may prefer collaborating with your social media account, while others might just want to use a hashtag. Make it a point to settle on the same page. 

3. Can You Share The Performance Data From Your Previous Partnerships?

If you’re looking to collaborate with influencers to drive sales, then performance data is invaluable.

It allows you to assess an influencer’s effectiveness in driving engagement, reach, and conversions. Ask for metrics like reach, engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversion data to evaluate their impact on previous campaigns. Beyond all these, you can also use an influencer analysis tool to check for all the data. 

4. Do You Want Help In Creating The Content For Our Campaign?

Collaboration is key to a successful influencer partnership. As mentioned before, every influencer has their style of creating and posting content. While some influencers actively participate in the brand’s content creation process, others simply want to be told what is needed for the ads.

Asking about their willingness to collaborate on content creation shows your interest in their creative input. It can lead to more authentic and engaging content that resonates with their audience.

5. Do We Have The Right To Use Your Content?

This question addresses the rights and usage of content created during the campaign. 

Clarify whether you can repurpose their content for your marketing needs, such as on your website or social media. If you don’t get this clear, you can run into problems with copyright laws or other issues. You also don’t want the influencer to use the content they produced for you in a campaign for a rival, right?

Clarifying this ensures both parties are on the same page regarding content ownership and usage rights.

By asking these five questions, you can clarify all your doubts and concerns, ensuring a smooth campaign for both parties! 

Setting Clear Goals And Expectations With Influencers

Once you’ve found an influencer who seems like a good fit, it’s time to define the campaign’s objectives. It is crucial to do this before you start any work to ensure that both of you are on the same page regarding your goals.

  • Define specific metrics you’ll use to measure success, such as a certain number of new followers, engagement rate increase, or sales conversions. 
  • Be upfront about how performance will be evaluated. 
  • You can also establish a timeline for deliverables from the influencer, like when posts and stories will go live. 
  • Discuss pricing and payment terms upfront to avoid any confusion down the road. 
  • Keep communication open so you can provide feedback to one another throughout the campaign. 

Setting clear guidelines from the very beginning will help you both stay accountable. It also makes the partnership work more smoothly and gives the campaign the best chance of success.

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So, that’s all we had to offer! Did you find those questions helpful and valuable? Evaluating influencers based on these five critical questions will help you make an informed decision about the best partners for your brand. 

Look for influencers who display a thorough understanding of your goals and audience. Their engagement rates, past successes, and niche should closely align with what you’re trying to achieve. 

Taking the time at the start ensures you don’t waste resources on influencers unlikely to move the needle. Most importantly, choose partners you believe your customers will genuinely trust. Influencer marketing can be a powerful way to grow your business when you get the right fit!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What to consider when hiring an influencer?

You need to consider these 5 factors before you hire an influencer for your marketing campaigns: the type of content they post, the follower count, the target audience, their engagement rate, and the niche in which they work.

  1. What is the best practice when working with an influencer?

Choose authentic influencers who know how to engage their audience. Make sure they share your goals and your audience’s interests. You should also set clear guidelines for influencers while giving them enough creative freedom.

  1. How do you negotiate with an influencer?

When negotiating with an influencer, discussing things like payment, exclusivity, content standards, and posting schedule is important. Find a mutually beneficial agreement supporting both parties’ objectives and values.

  1. What should I ask an influencer before collaboration?

Ask an influencer about their audience demographics, engagement rates, prior collaborations, and content style before working with them. You should discuss everything from goals and expectations to compensation and rights for successful collaboration.

  1. How do you ask an influencer for a rate?

You can just go ahead and ask for a rate card after explaining all your requirements. If the influencer is interested in working with you, they will send over their rate card or let you know what they expect. 


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