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Chennai Mobiles is one of the leading mobile retail chains in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. To kick off the festive season, Chennai Mobiles launched exclusive Aadi offers across their range of smartphones and other accessories.


Seasonal Promotion: In a competitive market, Chennai Mobiles needed a distinctive strategy to highlight Aadi offers.

Engagement Goal: The challenge was not only to promote offers but also to engage the audience.


Promotion: Boost visibility for Aadi offers and position Chennai Mobiles as the go-to mobile retailer during the festival.

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Strategy: BuzzFame's 'Aadi Offer Campaign'

Influencers Identification: Collaborated with 40 influencers from diverse niches, including lifestyle and dance, to ensure a wide audience reach.

Slogan Contest: Encouraged participation and creativity with a Slogan Contest, aiming for many entries.

Campaign Focus: Centered around the Aadi season, emphasising exclusive offers and engaging content.

Implementation: 15 Days Long Influencer Activation

Content Creation: Influencers created a variety of content, including posts, stories, short vlogs, dance routines, and videos showcasing Chennai Mobiles’ Aadi offers.

Slogan Contest Promotion: Influencers actively promoted the Slogan Contest, driving participation and generating buzz among the public.

Results: A Triumph in Numbers

Reach: Over 1.2 million across influencer posts

Engagement: 20% higher than benchmark

Store Footfall: Increased by 35% during the offer period

Active participation in the Slogan Contest, with an impressive 5,704 entries.

Sales Uplift: Chennai Mobiles experienced a noticeable increase in sales during the Aadi season.

Client Satisfaction: Chennai Mobiles expressed high satisfaction with the campaign, which effectively achieved promotional and engagement goals.

Power of Influencer Marketing in Retail:

Demonstrated the potency of leveraging influencers in lifestyle and dance niches to promote seasonal offers and drive active participation in contests.

BuzzFame’s innovative influencer campaigns continue to deliver impactful results for clients in the retail industry.

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