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At Sante spa cuisine, the mission is to provide delicious and nutritious plant-based meals that promote health, sustainability, and compassion for all living beings. They give an Honestly Healthy makeover to your daily food habits.

Sante procures the freshest and wherever possible organic ingredients, greens and micro-greens from best of the farms and local businesses around.

The restaurant also uses a lot of unrefined, non-white produce to get you the earthy flavours which are authentic to our roots. At Sante, you can relax and indulge your senses in guilt free dining.

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Instagram has created new ways of advertising one’s products/services and having them viewed by thousands of qualified people. Influencer marketing is one of the most effective methods to sell your brand.

Who are these Influencers?

Instagram influencers are individuals or groups of people who have thousands to millions of followers.

Perks of influencer marketing

With so much competition in the industry, the brands need to stand out. In the past, word of mouth was the only way of marketing, but today words spread like wildfire with social media.

Influencer marketing works like word of mouth for restaurants but in a much faster and on the most significant way possible. It is one of the best ways to boost your credibility, no matter what your marketing goals are.

Strategy of the campaign

Number one goal for this influencer marketing campaign was to create brand awareness so that people would know where they could find delish vegan and healthy food.

To promote the restaurant’s food by visually exposing it to people through the already known food bloggers. To conquer food cravings and establish the restaurant brand as the ultimate destination for culinary satisfaction.

The first slice of a freshly baked pizza filled with extra cheese is the most delicious part of a day.

Don’t you agree?

Influencers have the power of making you crave for this just by seeing their reels.

Our Work

We tapped famous foodies around the city and turned them into our brand advocates. We hosted them at our restaurant and they were given a tour of the place and were treated with the best dishes from their menu.

Channels we operated on

IG Reels and stories
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Why this campaign stands out?

We did not feature any paid sponsorships. Influencers were invited to dine at the restaurant in exchange for reel, stories and reviews about their experience.

This strategy is known as a PR product strategy. It was incredibly successful because it won’t look like an ad, but a genuine video and caption about their experience.

Influencers’ authenticity helped the brand connect with audience more naturally than their traditional advertisements.


Google and Zomato Reviews

The influencers were then asked to give honest opinions and share pictures of their visit. They were asked to give the reviews based on key customer attracting factors like:
-Taste of the food
-Price and more.
Reviews on Google and Zomato platforms were made for the audience.

The big, beautiful highlights

Influencers shared stunning photos that left us drooling.🤤 Honest influencer reviews and feedback helped to create brand awareness.

Influencer marketing was a main tool that helped bring in great traction and footfall majorly. The audience of the influencers interacted and engaged with the content shared by. Influencer marketing can be extremely cost-effective and have enormous returns.

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