CREDAI is the apex body of the organised real estate sector. They believe in promoting housing in a systematic manner and in providing liaison with govt. bodies.

Why Credai

With CREDAI, homes are more than just four walls and a roof.
The brand brings you the perfect mix of style, comfort, and functionality to create your dream living space.
With them, you’ll never just find a house – you’ll discover your own slice of paradise.
Credai is dedicated to helping you find your perfect nest with a touch of quirk and a whole lot of expertise.

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Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing opens up a real motherlode of possibilities for promoting real estate.

Audience always cherishes new, creative, original, and informative promotions, and the real estate industry isn’t the one to fall behind on this trend.

In this campaign, CREDAI collaborated with social media influencers and reaching thousands of possible leads, gaining followers, and increasing footfall.

What we wanted?

What we did?

Event marketing is an important part of any marketing plan.

Do you know why?
They give brands a great opportunity to generate leads to connect with potential clients of the brand.
We majorly focussed on collaborating with influencers from different niche who had our target audience. Campaign was based on creating hype among the audience with the tagline- Edhu Miss Pannalum CREDAI Fair Pro miss pannadinga. This created noise among their follower base and who didn’t want to miss out on the endorsed opportunity.


Types of influencers we worked with

Vivek Jadoo & his spouse are couple bloggers with an average reel reach of 800k+ and with 375k followers

Sarath kumar gives us informational and educational content with a follower range of 741k and an average reel reach of 600k+ reach.

Sahana Sarvesh is a dancer, artist, choreographer with 174k followers and an average of 300k+ reel reach. Irfans view has a follower range of more than 700k and has a average reel reach of 600k+.

What we achieved?

1. 5 M+ Views


The influencer videos on instagram had around 1.5Million+ views and we could see the audience engaging with the content through comments.

Over the course of the campaign duration, we also got DMs and comments enquiries through the influencer content.

Total reach – 1.5M+

Overall, this influencer campaign was a big success as we were able to increase the footfalls at the event and make it a big hit.

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